Welcome To Our Meetup!
Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Community


Video of our events is on YouTube.

BOB @ meetup.com


BOB hosts three kinds of events


We invite someone of note from the crypto community to speak to all of our members about a topic of general interest.


Join us for a technical case study to get exposure and better understand exciting internet of money technologies.


Gather with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts for beer and pizza at Sully's.

Find us on Keybase (@bob_chicago) and Twitter @BOBmeetupCHI .

Code of Conduct

BOB organizers reserve the right to expel anyone who is being an asshole. We do not tolerate threats of violence, bullying, harassment, etc. As a side effect BOB events should feel welcoming and inclusive to everybody.


BOB is a community group funded by community donations and sponsorship of events. In order to protect BOB's integrity as a community group, BOB organizers are highly selective when it comes to sponsors and the terms of sponsorship. We work with sponsors whose primary goal is to support the community and our events. Sponsorship funds are always used for the benefit of BOB, to cover event and meetup related costs. BOB maintains a separation between sponsors and BOB content. Sponsors do not speak at events, have no control over events or content and do not receive access to BOB member’s information or mailing lists. Please contact us at sponsor@bob-chi.org to talk about sponsoring the meetup.

Your friendly organizers

Hannah Rosenberg

Lead Organizer

Chris Gonyo


Ian Shipman


BOB is a volunteer run organization.